From the Vault! The Sega Addicts Kids Table: April – 1992

Woah! Badical man! So while going through some old boxes, gathering material for the site I found this. A rare floppy disk containing one of the many lost episodes of The Sega Addicts Kidz Table Audio Fanzine Program! This was an old podcast starring a lot of old writers, way back when this site was just a lowly fanzine publication.

So after a lot of work ripping the audio from the floppy disk, I managed to salvage an episode from a 1992 installment of a podcast, released on this exact day 20 years ago. Want to see how things have changed over time? Well..

Download it here!

Special thanks goes to Tuberz McGee and Jiggerstick!

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  1. Seems leget! ^^

  2. God I love that header.

  3. It’s so bad it’s rad.


    And of course when I say bad, I mean good, cause I’m hip like that.

  4. Total genius! I used to listen to this show all the time, back in the early 90s. It would come on the radio in the evenings, after I watched American Gladiators. I’d crack open a Crystal Pepsi, snuggle up with my MC Hammer blanket and tune in. Gertrude was my favorite co-host–I’m a bit sad to hear of her current state. 😛

  5. Words you forgot:



  6. “Raticate”

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