Behind the scenes trailer for the Castle of Illusion remake released

If you grew up on a diet of Genesis, and well, Genesis, it’s incredibly likely that the news a Castle of Illusion remake is coming pumped your nostalgia senses through the roof. Celebrating the Mickey Mouse classic’s return, Sega have released a new behind-the-scenes trailer to get you even more excited.

Including developers from both the original and from Sega Studios Australia, developers of the remake, the video gives an insight into the level of effort and control taken to make the perfect Mickey adventure, and how this can be adapted for a modern release. Though the game is expected to be considerably different in content (but keeping that classic essence,) the Director of the original, Emiko Yamamoto, has returned to the re-imagining as an Advisor to make sure it really captures what made the classic so good.

World of Illusion, a sequel in the franchise, made our Top 10 Licensed Genesis Games, and news of the remake spurred us to consider what other 10 Genesis games deserved a remake. Castle of Illusion follows Mickey’s journey to save Minnie from the evil witch Mizrabel, and is coming to Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Windows PC this summer.