The Wonderful 101 E3 trailer is one of the greatest things you will ever see ever

Forgive the hyperbole, but few trailers from this year’s E3 have enamored me like The Wonderful 101 trailer you see above.

Showcasing gameplay that looks like a quirky and creative amalgam of Bayonetta, Pikmin, and Power Rangers, this video proves that the Wii U is not just the place to go for your Sonic fix–it’s a home base for Platinum Games fans as well.

Damn it. Now I have to buy one…

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  1. Michael Westgarth June 12, 2013 @ 6:38 AM

    I was only partially following The Wonderful 101 prior to E3, but this trailer has really grabbed my attention.

    Does this scream Viewtiful Joe to anyone else, is it it just me?

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