New Sonic Lost World trailer shows some Sonic Colors power-ups

I once said that I wouldn’t follow anything related to Sonic Lost World for the sake of not spoiling anything for myself, but I think I’ve already given up hope of that. Sega released a new trailer today depicting some of Sonic’s new abilities in Sonic Lost World. It looks like the Wisps from Sonic Colors are returning, namely the Drill, Laser, and Rocket Wisp. However, these aren’t the only abilities helping Sonic defeat his new enemies. It looks like Sonic now has the ability to “Conquer the skies,” by turning into a bird, “Unleash the cosmos,” by turning into a giant wheel, and, “Master the beat,” by turning into a musical note. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are, but I’m also intrigued as I can’t recall a music-themed level in any Sonic game.

[Source: Gematsu]

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  1. “I can’t recall a music-themed level in any Sonic game.”

    Sonic Advance 2’s Music Plant Zone! 😛

    …to be fair though Sonic Advance 2 wasn’t too great, so I can’t say I blame you for neglecting it. XD

    • Oh snap! I happily stand corrected. I barely played the Advance series. It’s a huge gap in the Sonic library for me. Oddly enough, I played Sonic Battle more than those.

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