Check out The Wonderful 101's wonderfully wonderful 'prologue' trailer


Developed by Platinum games and published by Nintendo, The Wonderful 101 is a “mass-hero action” game announced earlier in the year at E3. We have been gracefully blessed with a peek at a prologue trailer.

Being directed by Hideki Kamiya, there is an obvious resemblance to his other title, Viewtiful Joe, with over-the top action and visual effects. Is this a “sequel” Kamiya has always wanted? We see a set of average looking guys “transform” into their hero alter-egos to defend earth from an Alien invasion. Each hero is named Wonder, followed by a corresponding colour. Go go Wonder Rangers anyone?

This game is set for a Wii-U exclusive release on 23rd August in Europe, and 15th September in North America. Fancy a cartoon-y Power Ranger type affair? Look out for The Wonderful 101.



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  1. Oh cool, I didn’t even think of the Power Rangers link!

    By the way William, I bought a PS3.

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