Golden Axe and Altered Beast were almost in a remake together


Imagine that for a second. Two of Sega’s most well-known arcade brawlers coming together in a bloodbath of fists and swords. I can dig it! But alas, it never came to fruitiion. A few years ago, Sega Australia pitched an idea for a series called, “Sega Reborn,” which would combine classic Sega games together in the same universe. The idea never came to fruition, but the video above was shown as an example of how the Golden Axe portion would have looked. My favorite part during the video is at 01:45 when a skeleton soldier gets skewered on a statue. Look at all the blooooood!

Seriously though, this could have been an excellent downloadable series at least. It’s a shame it never got off the ground, but with all the remakes lately, maybe this idea isn’t too crazy after all?

So who else would have bought this game if it came to life?

[Source: Kotaku and Sega Bits]

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  1. That looks pretty great, I would have loved to see the Altered Beast portion. Figured Sega would shoot it down because it lacked a blue hedgehog

    • Quite possibly.

      This really does look like a fun game though. Honestly, just making Golden Axe 4-player and throwing on a fresh coat of graphics would make me happy.

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