Grab your holocube and monocular – Flashback remake is coming to PC


A few weeks ago we saw the remake of Flashback. the 1992 classic, being released on XBLA. Now we are due to see a PC release on 1st October, in just a few days.

For those who have never laid eyes on the original best-seller, I shall summarise the storyline for you: It’s damn good – play it and find out!

Despite its promising trailer showing memorable stages from the original plus additional high-action scenes extending what was, in reality, a fairly short game, the remake was not received mixed reviews scoring a mediocre 50/100 (subject to change) on Metacritic. I remember my first experiences of the original – sitting in my Uncles house watching him rendezvous with Ian to restore his memory…my 5 year old self then having a shot and failing drastically…goodtimes.

I feel that because of my love for original, I should give the remake a quick fondle, but will it spoil my fond memories and childhood experiences? Have you played it? Is it worth my time? Let me know below!

[Source:  RockPaperShotgun ]

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  1. It’s alright, a bit buggy, and questionable dialogue but eh it’s a decent play through. You can also play the original, I just wish you could make that full screen or have some kind of screen adjustment feature.

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