Sega offering dormant IPs to Atlus

SEGA ADDICTS Atlus Sega dormant IPs

During his recent interview with Famitsu magazine, Chief Operating Officer of Sega, Naoya Tsurumi, has discussed the situation regarding Atlus. He assured fans that everything about how Atlus handles things will “remain the same”, and as a big bonus he also announced that Atlus are free to work on any dormant Sega IP if they want to.

Additionally, Tsurumi talked about the importance of independence between Sega and Atlus:

As a new company, we will venture together, with Index working as an independent company. The plan is to have Atlus and Sega continue shining as brands, while aiming to increase their degree of independence. They’ll continue managing their own brands and IPs, and making them bigger. Then, Sega will be the ones to sell them. So, think of it as us telling them “Continue working on your own IPs with pride and confidence—the sky is the limit.”

While it’s probably too early to get excited, this is still pretty good news for Sega fans.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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