Second round of Sega 3D Classics in production for 3DS

SEGA ADDICTS Sega 3D Classics

Sega 3D Classics coming out like crazy right now, so perhaps it is time to get excited for more stuff. M2, a video game developer responsible for bringing Sega 3D Classics to the 3DS, has confirmed via Twitter that they are working on a second batch of lovely 3D Classics. There’s also a pretty good chance these games will visit US and Europe, if they sell like hotcakes in Japan.

I think games like Outrun and Streets of Rage 2 are pretty much confirmed at this point, but what else is there? What kind of games do you want to see? Personally I would love me some Vectorman action on my 3DS. Can you imagine those green balls in 3D? Simply amazing.

[Source: SegaBits]