Creative Assembly ‘Aiming’ for Native 1080p in Alien: Isolation


Attention PS4 and Xbox One owners, prepare to bask in the glory of the accelerated capabilities of your next-generation consoles! Creative Assembly, developers of the newest Sega-published Alien title, announced today at CES that the title will definitely support 1080p resolution on both systems. If that weren’t enough, the team went one step further and stated that they are “aiming” for native 1080p support for both consoles as well.

This is a particularly encouraging announcement for Xbox One owners as Microsoft took heavy criticism for the lower 720p resolution used at launch by developers, a “scandal” that was later dubbed “resolutiongate” on the web. Microsoft itself and many developers took to social media in the months leading up to the system’s launch calling for patience. Reading between the lines of today’s announcement, it looks like game developers will be able to create parity between the systems, which is a win for all gamers.


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  1. *attempting to plug in my Saturn’s RF Adapter*

    What’s a resolution?

  2. To quote Beerfest, “if you don’t know what it is, you can’t afford it.”

    • I’m going to assume it means that you need a special RF switch that tunes to channel 3 or 1080

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