Soul Calibur sword and shield replica look amazing


Cosplayers, and mega collectors take note: Volpin Props is the place to go for your weapons and collectables. The incredible picture above shows a replica of the sword and shield used by Soul Calibur’s own Sophitia. Volpin Props has done some other amazing things like replicating the Needler from Halo, or even the Holophonor from Futurama. They have also recreated the sword, shield, and pauldrons belonging to Soul Calibur’s Cassandra. Pretty amazing stuff.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Really a cool sword. Its just like my favorite swords. Okay, Let me tell you some importance about me. I am a big swords collector from since 3 years and now i have collected many swords like buster, master, fantasy and sword of omense. No doubt you have got a very interesting post to share with us for all swords lovers

  2. This is an awesome piece of work. The detail of the sword and shield are spot on. For Soul Caliber fans this is a must have.

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