Pier Solar HD might be ported to 3DS


The previously Mega Drive/ Dreamcast only RPG Pier Solar may be coming (in HD) to most modern consoles now, but in an interview regarding the game Tulio Goncalves of WaterMelon stated that there could be other ports in the near future too. Though this was just a side note in the actual interview, it’s neat to know that they’re thinking of more platforms to put this faux-retro treat onto.

In the interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, when asked about the unique features of console ports, Goncalves stated:

On Wii U, we’re definitely putting the second screen to good use, a feature that will be exclusive of that platform — well, maybe not for long if we end up making it to the 3DS, but that’s for later.

So yeah. There wasn’t anything really confirmed, but if Pier Solar HD is deemed successful then we could be seeing this once hard to get game in even more hands…. in three dimensions! Though if the 50+ hours comment is true, you might want to take a break from all that pretend depth the system throws at you.

For more news on Pier Solar HD and other Sega related games, keep your eyes here and we’ll give you the news when it hits.

[Source: Nintendo Enthusiast via Siliconera]