Sega Addicts After Hours Episode 23: Creepy Demos and Crappy Connections

In this week’s episode we get a special guest star (Brett’s mom – no, I’m not kidding!) in Part 1, and some unfortunate technological issues that result in the video being a two-parter.

Pocky X and Scotty begin the show by discussing what they have been playing, which turns into a discussion revolving around the new P.T. demo. Brett joins the show later, and the guys discuss topics such as the new Night Trap Kickstarter campaign, Scotty’s weak will for pre-order toys, and even more Elysian Shadows news. We also announce more details regarding this year’s Dreamless Dreamcast 24-hour Marathon!

Hit the jump to see part 2, or check it out on YouTube. Again, we apologize for all the confusion. Some day we may get a handle on this fantastic thing called the Internet.

Download the audio version here, which is both parts of the episode put together.

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