Sega Addicts Episode 9 – Koala Strip Club


It’s the Valentine’s Day Special of Sega Addicts probably! Listen in awe as we talk about the Sega weekly news, and overcome our worst first date stories. Also, Tom doesn’t host this one, so if you don’t like this episode, blame Scotty.

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  1. The crackle and heat of the fire lit the parking lot of Elle’s workplace. Not like she wasn’t used to it; it was Tuesday after all. Walking up the stairs, Elle paused, her brow knitting in momentary confusion. One….two…two? Two bodies? Not missing a beat, she whipped out her phone and dialed lightning quick. “Hello? Hey hun, I think I might be able to leave early today. Yeah, its Tuesday and it looks like she only killed two people this morning, so she’s probably in a good mood.”

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