With your powers combined…


I wanted to write an article for each day leading up to the Dreamless Dreamcast 24-Hour Marathon, which is taking place on Twitch this Saturday September 5th starting at 7am EST, but I really have nothing to say today. Except to ask myself, “Did you really ever think you would be taking a road trip to pick up some random dude you met on the internet just so you could play video games together?”

Brett lives down south. Ya know, where it’s still OK to marry your relatives and all. We know he doesn’t take part in that though, he just watches a lot of anime instead.

I just simply wanted to post a message thanking all of you who read this dumb little entries, because without you I wouldn’t be picking Brett up, and friends from around the country wouldn’t be showing up at my apartment this weekend, so we could jointly scream at games from the early 2000s. So, you guys are the real rock stars in all of this, and we love you to pieces.

That in mind, the Dreamcast and I know the smartest drivers are the safest drivers. It’s always thinking.