This is the greatest Dreamcast tribute video ever made. I'm serious.

To all my fellow Dreamcast fans: prepare for a full half hour of rapturous joy.

After delivering not one, but two incredible videos of Dreamcast classics in the stunning sheen of 1080p high definition, talented YouTuber and Sega fan TheSpacechannel 5 has combined and tweaked his commendable work in this incredible 31-minute opus of HD splendor.

Complete with professional-quality titles and 3D effects, this tribute to the Dreamcast’s amazing library is the most expansive celebration I’ve ever seen for the console. In the time it takes to watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, you’ll witness footage from classics like Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia, rare and under-appreciated titles like Project Justice, Super Magnetic Neo, and Re-Volt, and even unlocalized or largely unknown games like Headhunter, Fighting Vipers 2, Segagaga, and Rent-A-Hero. Hell, it even makes Blue Stinger look fun.

Just take a half hour of your day and enjoy this incredible collection. Make sure to bring a pad of paper, as you’ll be writing down eBay search fodder in a matter of minutes. Thanks TheSpacechannel 5. Please, don’t ever stop.

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  1. A lot of great gems there.

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