Yuji Naka wants to make another console

No this isn’t happening, but yes he did say this. In a recent interview with CVG, the former head of Sonic Team, and creator of recent Ivi the Kiwi, said that “Of course Dreamcast was my baby back at Sega and I want to carry on making good games for the European market. And one day I’m hoping it gives me the opportunity to work on Dreamcast 2.”

Of course this is just something he wants to do. Sega is still firm in not being in the console business. However, he did show interest in helping develop the next generation of consoles for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. And there we have it. Yuji Naka wants to make another console. Good news for everyone with high hopes, at least.

[Source: Tssz News]

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  1. He should probably stick with games instead.

  2. Naka’s time on top of the industry has come and gone, I’m afraid. Now, he’s more interested in quirky, niche titles at Prope like Ivy – hardly games that push any system’s resources or ones that would prove he could handle cutting edge graphics like he did on all of SEGA’s consoles. I always wish him well, but I’m not sure how he can make such a bold claim considering his output the last few years.

  3. I think the reason Yuji Naka makes smaller games now is because of his resources and the risks involved with making a big budget game. His company, Prope, is relatively small and it’s much smarter to focus on smaller creative games than the next big third person shooter. From what Prope has released so far I believe that given a big talented team and a budget Yuji Naka could probably make something incredibly exciting.

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