Articles by Alex Barbatsis


Freaky Friday: The Grinch

This week on the Sega Addicts podcast, the cool crew and Kris Knigge talked about Sega games that transitioned from 2D to 3D.  I’m guessing most of their comments aren’t going to be great.  One thing that made the transition fairly smoothly was The Grinch.  Jumping from a 2D book…


Super Meat Boy on sale at launch

Super Meat Boy, the highly anticipated brutal platformer, will be receiving a price reduction at its  launch, Wednesday October 20th for XBLA, extending until an undetermined date in November.  You’ll be able to buy it for $10 as opposed to $15 later on.  This deal seems to be an XBLA exclusive with…


Freaky Friday: Carrier

God, I’ve forgotten how bad clone games can be.  Clones are rip-offs of popular games, their mechanics, themes, plots, etc., used to cash in for money.  This Dolly comes courtesy of Jaleco for the Dreamcast.  What game is it ripping off?  Well with two minutes of game play, you can…