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You know the drill, Sega-Addicts: it’s time for forum news. Before I start, you better join the forums if you haven’t already. Now’s a better time than ever because so much stuff is starting to go on now. There’s so much fun stuff that happened in there this week it’s hard to fit it all in one post. We’re always looking for new members though, so come on in and join us today!

By the way, another writer, Josh Newey, is in the forums now too! I promised I’d mention him in this, but I couldn’t think of a good way to incorporate this anywhere else, so he gets his own paragraph. I think that’s about all the writers now, if not, GET IN THERE YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

So are you bummed out about onemanga.con shutting down? Well, uh, this might be a bad time to tell you this, but that was totally my fault. Sorry about that. Less than 24-hours after I mentioned that was a thing in our manga thread they announced they were closing down. Ok, there’s a very low likelihood that I had anything to do with this whole event, but it’s still quite a crazy coincidence. I also mentioned another way to read manga for free, but the only way to find out how is to check out the manga thread in the forums.

You mean I actually have to buy this shit now?

Remember that Buy/Sell/Trade section we have now? Well in addition to Kris’ huge list, Matt Jay posted a big list of his own. Check them both out, and start trading, or post your own list! Content with your current video game collection? Well how would you like to watch the exciting musical show “Lion King”? Yep, we got our first (but really second) spambot in the forums! He’s quite a nice one actually. As you can see here he took the time to post his thread in the most appropriate section, and also learned the English language so that he could clearly, concisely and effectively convey information to us. He could’ve used a couple more lessons though. To celebrate, lets all trade games! You can also check out MattJay’s awesome comic in that thread. It’s not in the creativity thread like it should be, but whatever, it’s still good.

We had a decent little fight about fighting games in the what are you playing thread. Street Fighter, Tekken, MvC2, Virtua Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros (via Kayne West) were all discussed. Some people like these games despite the brick wall learning curve, others hate them for it and prefer the pick-up-and-play games. How do you feel about these games? MattJay doesn’t seem to care much because Henry Hatsworth has been kicking his ass up and down the street this week. I guess fighting games aren’t the only ones that are unbalanced.

"You'll play my game, and you'll damn well like it."

So it seems everyone’s been masturbating all over Limbo this week. Come get your freak on in our forums in our Limbo thread. You’re on your own with this one though, I shouldn’t talk too much about non-Sega related threads.

Dreamcasts are fairly Sega-related though, so check out this thread that checks out some dude’s crazy collection of Dreamcasts and related memorabilia. This seems a little unfair to me, a guy who can’t find a Dreamcast to save his life, but DO YOU SEE ALL THAT SHIT. You know how Scrooge McDuck swims in money? This jerk swims in god-damn Dreamcasts.

I guess everyone’s too busy scrolling downward on that page to come to the Bar because it’s been really quiet this week. We did talk a little about the glory of those Sonic Colours pre-order hats. And Saiyavenger has some great advice for us all that will help us in the future against the robots. Until that comes, why not pass the time talking about beer. Mill St. Organic Beer is probably the best there is, just saying. You can also stalk some of us since we’re dumb enough to post our Facebook, Twitter and the like pages. Feel free to ask me about how gay I am on my formspring, points for originality!

Weird, no one shared their mySpace...

With that, we’re left with our challenges. As a reminder, here are last week’s challenges:

  1. Reach 1000 posts
  2. Someone trade Kris Knigge a game
  3. Reach 100 posts in the Bar
  4. One new piece of feedback in all the current writer recommendation threads mentioned above

Well, we broke even. We got 1 and 4 (but that’s a stretch). Depending on how you define the Bar we could have 3, but I meant the thread, so we didn’t get it. I also don’t think anyone traded a game with Kris, but some activity was going on in that thread. If that 10 new members challenge was up we would have got that one though, if it’s any consolation. In all fairness those were pretty hard ones, so this week it’s easy mode:

  1. Some one do something creative in the Creativity thread.
  2. Talk about some more food.
  3. Reach 100 posts in the Bar thread.
  4. Make this week’s upcoming Podcast thread (number 21) the most popular of all the podcast threads.

We can do it Sega-Addicts, I believe in us. Bonus points if someone trades Kris or Matt (or anyone else) a game.

And follow me on Twitter, I’m lonely.

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  1. You can’t find a Dreamcast? I just ordered my third :3

  2. I thought that said “Saiyavenger has some great advice about beer”, and I was about to be like “Yeah! Don’t drink it!”

    That’s like the one thread you’ll never see me in, SO IF YOU’VE EVER WANTED TO DISS ME BEHIND MY BACK DO SO THERE.

  3. @Matt
    I mean at pawn shops and such, I’m sure eBay would be no problem, but I’m afraid I would spend all my money on that stuff if I used eBay.

    Hoe, I’ll say what I want to yo’ face…over the Internet.

  4. I’m really impressed with how the forums are doing so far. Every time I get on them there’s some new goodness to read and post about.

  5. @Pat
    I’m sure you’ve tried this, but have you thought about craigslist? It’s incredible how many idiots are clamoring to give up their vintage stuff.

  6. Heh, Myspace…I had no idea people still used it!

    I’ve been planning on deleting mine for ages but I’m procrastinating because that would mean I’d have to actually log in.

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