The UK has a Sonic Spinball ride that features Sonic’s new voice?!

Holy crap!  Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?  Apparently a UK theme park Alton Towers has a Sonic-based coaster ride called Sonic Spinball?  Get your plane tickets, folks! Stick your tongue out and say nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, UK-dwellers!

This isn’t a reproduction of the game of the same name, but it does include real seat-spinning action.  Imagine flying down a winding roller coaster track with your seat actually spinning…  If you’re not feeling the wind through your hair, you’ll feel something running through it (namely, your friend’s vomit).  Frankly, the ride looks kind of uninspired.  The concept of a Sonic ride is so full of potential, and it looks like they dropped the ball on a lot of it. Where are the rings?  The loop-de-loops?  The Chaos Emeralds?  Robotnik?  Maybe I’m being too harsh.  The seats do bear some slight resemblance to Robotnik’s Egg ship, and it looks like the rest of the Sonic Theme Park experience is there – red and blue everywhere, hundreds of Tails and Knuckles plushies, awesome Sonic statues, even a Sonic mascot ambling around blindly and scaring children.  All that’s missing is a chili dog stand.

As an added bonus, the video above also gives us the chance to hear Roger Craig Smith’s rendition of the Sonic voice.  There’s a special Sonic room open to the public that has Sonic quotes by the new actor playing for your listening pleasure.  What do you folks think?  The tone sounds a lot lower this time around.  Frankly, the less I hear any Sonic voice, the better.

Has anybody here actually ridden this thing?  Is anyone else disappointed in the lack of loop-de-loops?  What idiot would pitch a Sonic ride without loop-de-loops?

The video was made by a youtube user who goes by the name of Myk44.  If you’re interested in seeing the coaster in motion and backdropped by great Sonic tunes, click here to see another one of his videos.

[Source: SegaBits]

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  1. I actually went on this the other week… might do a review today now that you remind me.

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