These Sonic RC Cars are cool enough to make you forget that Sonic is driving a car

Finally, Sega All-Stars Racing without the announcer!

Any Sonic fan will tell you that Sonic The Hedgehog driving a car to win a race just makes no logistical sense. If he could outrun the F-Zero cars in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, he could certainly leave any of his opponents in Sega All-Stars Racing choking on his dust.  He’s the fastest thing alive.  Get over it.

Well, Sega has partnered with NKOK to release a killer new RC series that’ll help you forget that minor inconsistency.  Based on the designs in Sega’s recent cart racer, these awesome looking RC cars have real working headlights and can reach speeds of up to 7 Miles Prower. Apparently only Sonic and Knuckles will be available for now, so maybe that pun was a tad premature.  Anyway, look for ’em later this month at your local Toys R’ Us or Sears.  They’ll be going for $24.99 a pop, and if you get one before I do you better watch your back in the parking lot.

I don’t know about you, but that Knuckles RC is TEMPTING.  He is and always will be my favorite Sonic character, and his four wheeler is looking mighty pretty.  I’m especially liking the intricate touch of green on the suspension matching his trademark green socks.  Sonic’s looking pretty cool too, but I just feel weird driving him around in a car.  Knuckles just seems a little more natural on a four wheeler covered in spikes than Sonic does in a sleek convertible.

[Source: Segashiro]

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  1. I saw the Knuckles one in a store today and it was nice except it’s still got those goddamn shitty joints on the figure. A Knucles figure doesn’t need THAT much articulation! It looks awful.

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