Sega Addicts episode 24 records tonight!

One more episode until our 25th! I wonder what we’ll do… It doesn’t matter what we’ll do because this is episode 24 not 25. So, this is a regular episode. A regular episode about Road Rash II and the Sega Game Gear. There will also be listener questions. You can leave them below and we will answer them.

Oh, and you can win a copy of Road Rash II for Sega Genesis here. That’s a very fun game.

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  1. Question to all of you, what was your favorite game on the Game Gear? And did you think the Game Gear was better than Nintendo’s Gameboy?

    By the way, I love the show, keep it up guys!!

  2. Well it’s one episode from a “good” fanfic pod cast…. That STILL doesn’t excuse you guys from talking about Shining Force! Oh yes, don’t forget to mention about SoR:Remake! That guy needs all the support he can get, even /if/ it hasn’t been updated in a while!

    On a related note, I never really remember the Game Gear as much as I should because the only game I ever played was Sonic 1 on it, and since it was indeed a battery sucker, I didn’t enjoy it long enough, but boy I tell you when the Nomad came out there’s has been many, MANY of times I’ve wanted to play both SF (Yes, that’s Shining Force), SF2 on the go.

    …Funny thing about that is I still dream about getting one of those handhelds even today. Now, Road Rash 2 on the other hand had to be my all time favorite game because of massive a$$ whoopings you can infict on another rider with an crowbar, and/or nunchunk. Especially, (and I mean this)… ESPECIALLY, if your trying to aim for first place.

    Now on the other hand if your a sadistic bastard like myself you’d bump into them, and keep on till you see a car coming or going in your direction and then slam them into it just for kicks.

    Now, that I think about it, that right there is the reason I STILL love RR2 *wink wink* over RR1, AND RR3. =p

    Yeah, the PS One version of it didn’t cut it like the Genesis. Oh the good old days with the Genesis was indeed awesome. (Although I think I played Jail Break instead of 3D.)

    – What games do you remember that strike a home to your heart and would replay again and again? (Aside from Puyo Puyo. /me glares @ Kris.)

    – Play any JRPGs?

    – Is the SGG import friendly or do you have to mod it and where/what tools required?

    Since I’m checking out the list of SGG from (wikipedia) I wanted to know:

    – Anyone play the SGG Mega Man ver.?

    The list of games from wiki intrigues me as an avid video game collector, so…

    – What games would you recommend? Import and Domestic wise?

  3. Question 1: Would you like to see Sega start making handhelds like Game Gear again? Or do you think their games would transfer better over to a bigger system?

    Question 2: If you had a terrible rash all over your body, with no area of skin unrashified because that is a word, what monstrous occurrence would you prefer to have befallen you thus giving you that rash? Must not include road rashes.


    What do you guys think the chances of an “HD Remix” sort of thing for Road Rash are? As I mentioned in my article about the series, I think it’d make EA a nice chunk-o’-change, and I’d been wondering if you guys felt the same.

  5. Anyone play Sylvan Tale on the game gear even though it was only released in Japan?

    Anyone know why the Panzer Dragoon Mini cover says “kid’s gear” on it?

  6. I only got a Game Gear like 3 years ago at a flea market. I play it every once in a while. It still has the same batteries I put in it when I got it.

    It’s a shame that any handheld console that comes out and is not made by Nintendo gets blown out of the water. I LOVE the Neo Geo Pocket Color and that thing barely got to take a breath before it got blasted.

  7. Man I loved my Game Gear as a kid. I remember playing a boxing game (can’t remember what it was called for the life of me) into the wee hours of the morning while on vacation. I repeatedly got scolded a lot for the sound of clicking buttons in the pitch black hotel room.

    Anyway, questions:
    How the hell does Manic Maverick always manage to conjure up such unfiltered brilliance?

    What was everybody’s favorite Road Rash weapon?

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