Summer of Sonic roundup is something you can read

I know you weren´t at the Summer of Sonic this year. I hate you for not being there. Well, I wasn´t there either but my point still stands. You should have been there, man. But my point is that if you wanted to go but were locked in a basement and couldn´t go, then you can read up on all the hi-jinks that were going down from the point of one of the creators here.

Sounded like a blast. Maybe next year you should go. I know i´ve been putting it off for ages. So yeah you can read that. Read it now. Just do it. Stop reading this and do it. Or not. At least with Summer of Sonic over you won´t be reading about it every 2 seconds. Hooray!

[Soruce: Summer of Sonic]

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  1. You could also be reading the piles of coverage I’ve been sticking up at Sega Memories, including videos:

    Because I was there, don’t you know. Yes I am rubbing it in. 🙂

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