Sonic Team says Sonic Colors is “as good as” the 2D originals

If you’ve been paying the slightest bit of attention to this site, then you are aware of our unabashed, almost obnoxious excitement over Sonic Colors.  It’s almost surreal that the 2D Sonic game everyone was talking about has been almost completely overshadowed by the feverish curiosity and hope surrounding the new Wii title.  Could we finally have a 3D Sonic on our hands that’s worthy of standing alongside its 2D ancestors?  The results so far are looking pretty damn promising, enough so that many sworn Sonic skeptics have accepted that the Sonic Cycle has finally been broken.

Sonic Colors Producer Takashi Iizuka apparently shares that confidence.  In a recent interview with Gamerzines, he divulged some pretty lofty promises.

“In Sonic Colours, the team looked back at previous Sonic games and looked at the pros and cons of each title, and they hope they have addressed all the goods and bads in Sonic Colours.

“We believe that this Sonic game is as good as or even better than the 2D Sonic games.”

Wow.  Those are some big words.   I must admit that I’m pretty skeptical that they could surpass the quality of the 2D titles.  As excited as I am, it’s just hard to imagine that Sonic’s 3D endeavors could have made that huge a leap between Unleashed and Colors.  Iizuka also said that Colors is the best 3D Sonic so far, which is a promise I’m much more poised to believe.

What I do know is that November can’t come soon enough.

[Source: Gamerzines]

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  1. As if Sonic Team has said anything believable in 10 years, lol… I hope this time they’re right though. I would LOVE to be proved wrong.

  2. Well, we’ll find out soon enough!
    From what I’ve played though, the game is pretty awesome. I know some people are more excited for it than they are Sonic 4.

  3. So more Werehog 😀 ?
    I kid, I kid. As long as they give me that good feeling of momentum I’m down for what they got. Hopefully the powers they’re putting in this title are good. All I’ve heard of is a digging power to go to underground parts and some sort of laser beam to kill enemies I think.

  4. Those are pretty huge words, but I’m willing to put them to the test. All of the gameplay videos and interviews I’ve seen show me that Sonic Colors will be at least worth buying. I suppose it’s about time I place my pre-order!

    I think more people would be excited about Sonic 4 if Sega actually talked about it. They told us it was being delayed and have kept their lips sealed tight since then.

  5. Sounds interesting. It has been a while since a sonic game has really shone so brightly. My real concern with this new title is how they address a story, if they have a major one, since many of the 2D sonic games had only a small amount of plot, but the gameplay made up for it. Also back when the Sonic franchise was thriving, many games had little plot, so that element of the game wasn’t under as much scrutiny as it would be in this day and age

  6. I honestly doubt it, its looks like a really good game but not quite great. I think that Sonic Team might be misinterpreting the buzz surrounding the game which is more “Holy crap a really good game from Sonic Team for once!” rather than “This is a game of the year candidate!” and it might be going to their head a little bit.

  7. I’m hoping that Sonic Colours turns out to be a great game.
    However, I’m still skeptical so I will wait for reviews first.

    I’m still quite excited for Sonic 4. (I have avoided the leaked soundtrack and playthrough videos.)

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