Vanquish out-takes showcase Steve Blum’s talent at playing Lt. Col Burns as Donald Duck

Okay, so it’s actually part of a much larger post on ‘Narrative Design in Vanquish’ from the fantastic JP Kellams over at Platinum Games. JP you may remember from the old interviews with Hideki Kamiya on the Bayo Blog, and once again is here detailing his involvement and the decisions that led to the game’s premise and the overall tone of the script. The dialogue is often pretty over the top, and one of the explanations given is that you play part of a small group of soldiers attempting to take on a space station the size of a city. Can’t argue with that really.

He’s also provided an out-takes reel, which, actually gives some decent insight in what it must be like to be a videogame voice actor with Voice Director Kris Zimmerman (Metal Gear Solid anyone?) either giving instructions or prompts in order to elicit the best performances she can. It also features Steve Blum of Spike Spiegel fame reading lines with the most brilliant Donald Duck impersonation I’ve ever heard. Absolutely an article worth reading, and the video is just the ice cream on the cake (icing on a cake isn’t special dammit, but ice cream sure as hell is). So yeah, do that right now.

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  1. That video was WAY HOT.

    “Wait, who said I was hot? Whaaaat?”

    N-no, the video…was…

    “Ooohh, so now you don’t think I’m hot? You’re just using me for my voice talents!?”

    Well…uh….No, see, well yeah, but no…I mean…But, you’re not…Er…

    “I quit.”

    But…but this is a comment….You can’t quit a comment…

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