Shenmue City official site opens, revealing the first available details

Oh Shenmue City. The less we know the more apprehensive we are about you. With the opening of the Japanese Official Site we do finally have a little more information to go on, but the final form the game will take still isn’t quite apparent.

Described as a Shenmue Side Story, the PC title will take place at the original setting of the first game, Yokosuka and the player’s character will be the main character of the story. There will also be other characters, presumably as NPCs, as well as ‘compelling visual’s. It will also have a social aspect, and most likely will follow a free-to-play model with item based micro-transactions.

Of course from the header image you can also see the most important information in ‘Come Back This Winter’, meaning the game will be available for the Japanese market through Mobage! and Sunsoft pretty soon, which makes the scarce details even more worrying than before. That said with the Yu Suzuki founded  Ys Net developing it, and Sega supervision what we do know has made me a little more optimistic about how this whole project will turn out.

[Source: AndriaSang]

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  1. Please give this game a English translation. I’m a little weary of how this game will play but I’m excited for it regardless.

  2. This should be interesting. Really curious about the story.

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