Sega offically going ape “s” over social gaming with Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters

First Shenmue, then Sakura Wars, and now Phantasy Star has joined the fold of games that I don’t really understand how they are played.  Sega is teaming up with Mobagetown to develop Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters, which has been described as a “local interlocking rpg”.  Well alright then.  Pre-registration has begun, open to 30,000 people.  The most unique feature will be play areas that will be generated by the gps information from players’ phones.  I can get behind that.  Battle systems and character info have not yet been released yet, but any Phantasy Star is good Phantasy Star, right?  And a pick up and play version could be really enjoyable.  But if you play it on a bus, will the environments change with every stop?  Lets hope so.

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  1. Well, the best thing about this social game onslaught, far as I am concerned, is that it makes me think that there is a truly profitable market to be explored here.
    So I can see Shenmue Gai aka Shenmue City/Town being somewhat of a commercial sucess and something bigger starting from there.
    Yes, I am a Shenmue fanboy, what can say?

    Anyway if this mass market can grow the popularity/audience of ill treated series like Shenmue and Sakura Taisen, that is a very good thing, obviously, and an understantable, smart even move from Sega’s part.

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