“Sonic Generations” officially revealed!

If you remember a few months ago, we reported that a game for Sonic’s 20th anniversary for the PS3 and 360 was rumored to be in the works. After teasing an announcement on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, that game was finally unveiled in the above trailer. While not showing any gameplay, it’s still enough to get old and new fans of the game excited.

I cannot tell you how happy this trailer makes me. Sure, the Sonic Cycle could be in full effect, but as someone who loves the Unleashed day/Colors playstyle (which is what this is rumored to be), getting a new game in that vein, featuring classic levels, is right up my alley. If Chemical Plant isn’t featured, though, I riot!

What do you lovely people think? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I don’t get it…why does he split into two and why does one have the green eyes and the other the traditional black? Old versus new? Time attack? Not sure about all the white foliage amidst the old brown and green grids, but I guess if that means it’s a throwback to the old levels in 3D then I’m in. A pretty vague trailer, though, I don’t really know how much this says about the actual game.

  2. I agree with grolt that it’s pretty vague, but it did look pretty sweet! I’m not sure why the old-school Sonic is there, but it does my heart good to see him in his classic style again. It’s got potential! Here’s hoping it’s got some levels from all the classic Sonic games (I’d love to see some Sonic CD levels in there)!

  3. It’s another short CGI teaser but the return of classic Sonic makes it worth it.

    I’m happy to see the classic and modern Sonic both side by side, it’s a great way to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary. It shows just how far Sonic has come these 20 years.

  4. In the next trailer they both split into Were-Hogs 😀

  5. I like how classic Sonic runs differently than new Sonic.

  6. Forget that! I hate the chemical plant zone! Fine with everything else from older games, though.

  7. Yet another example of why they should JUST MAKE A SONIC CGI MOVIE ALREADY.

    Seriously though, this is cool. It’s going to take a lot in me to avoid the fan rage explosions on other forums.

    It’s going to be a giant game of the 90s Sonic running thru Sonic Adventure levels in 2D form. There. Spoiled. None of that old-school stuff turned into 3D. That’s so overdone.

  8. I still don’t understand why people huff about “new” Sonic looking all different… considering they don’t look all that different.

    I am still a sucker for *meta* fictional crossings. However, Sega seems to be trying really hard to please all of the loyal fans that have been with Sonic forever. I’m not going to bet any large sums their next project will make everyone happy, but at least they are trying.

  9. I think this new sonic game looks so awesome I cant wait till it comes out and a special editon one and I hope they include a mettle sonic!
    oh I cant wait to see how it works and how good the storie line is oh I cant wait to play as retro sonic in a 3d world!
    EKK Just cant wait! =]

  10. All I can think about is how the developers said Sonic’s Genesis model wouldn’t work in a 3-D environment when Sonic Adventure was still brand new… AND WHAT THE FUCK DO WE HAVE HERE?! 3D CLASSIC SONIC?! So happy to see this and I most definitely can not wait!

  11. SilentDesires:

    Forget that! I hate the chemical plant zone! Fine with everything else from older games, though.

    Someone be mad at the stairs.

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