Sonic to return to Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade

Way back in 1993 Sega’s blue rodent managed to secure a spot in the wildly known Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Well it seems that this very year we will see him return to the parade as Sega has announced he will show up at the event again.

This is very exciting news since Sonic was actually the first videogame character to be featured in the parade, so this second appearance could be seen as another return to form. Either way I’ll be excited to see what the balloon looks like, and which version of the character they’ll use. But what about you? Are you excited or do you really not care at all? Let me know in that magical comment box!

[Sources: The Sega Source]

  • jigger

    I wonder if he’ll blink with his eyelids or his pupils

  • ninjajosh

    There’s a typo in sentence two and im excited to see him on tv

  • Stooball

    They should do a float of Sonic laying down, bored because the parade moves slowly

  • grolt

    Him and Tails should enter in on a hang-glider.

  • GamingFiend

    Guess I’ll be watching the parade this year then.

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