Sonic Jump released this Thursday for iOS

Sega have kept the development of Sonic Jump for iOS extremely close to their chest, revealing the game less than two weeks ago and now announcing its release date as a mere two days from now. The news, revealed on Sega’s ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Facebook page, shows off a screen shot as well as the following statement:

Sonic Jump will be available globally on iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® on 18th October for $1.99, AUD$1.99, £1.49, €1.59.

From the screenshot it is pretty clear that Sonic Jump will be a remake of the 2007 game of the same name released for mobile phones. For a game that Sega have made very little fuss about, it doesn’t look half bad. Leave a comment below and check out the full screen shot  after the JUMP.

Yes, that was a joke.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Not sure what I think of that visual style. The hard outlines kind of remind me of Sonic Shuffle, and that’s not a good thing to put into anybody’s mind.

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