Crush3D officially delayed until 2012!

Sega has just announced on it’s official Twitter Account, that Crush3D will be released on 17/2/2012! Shinobi 3DS will come out on 11/11/2011! As you might remember, we ran a story yesterday saying that this move is due to the slow sales the 3DS has going on at the moment.

  • ninjajosh

    darn it, i need more a 3ds games. at least there is still shinobi

  • Stooball


    This Crush ain’t goin’ awaaaaeeeaaaaeaaaaeaaaay, just delayed

  • Stooball

    Doh no embedded videos

  • Stevie Grant

    What the FUCK.

  • grolt

    11/11/11 is totally the new 9/9/99!

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