A look back at the Sega CD

G4TV did a nice 5 minute long video on the Sega CD that you can check out in the Source link. It doesn’t only give a brief summary of the history behind it but also shows a lot of game footage and some opinions from staff members. It’s always fun for me to see those things, since I never had a Sega CD. The only experience with games from that system stems from videos like that one and playing Sonic CD on my PC…

[Source: G4TV]

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  1. Pretty cool, I wish they had mentioned more specifically the gems on the system though. I’m always super skeptical on shows like that, I never trust that the people making the comments have any idea what they’re talking about.

  2. I agree Stooball. G4 always puzzled me, because it was cool to watch the channel before it was really “cool” to be a gamer, so I couldn’t understand these “attractive” people enjoying video games.

    And then there’s Geoff Keighley…..

    Um anyway! It’s cool they decided to do this tid-bit. I couldn’t help but think that the 32X retrospective would be about 30 seconds long if this one was 5 minutes. ^_^

  3. It was pretty much fluff and stuff any of us who’ve been a gamer longer than just this console generation would already know, but it was a fun piece nonetheless. When you step back and list the good games on the system, Snatcher, Heart of the Alien, Lunar, Final Fight CD, The Terminator, Sonic CD, Eternal Champions, Batman Returns, Shining Force CD, Rise of the Dragon, Night Trap, Ecco, Earthworm Jim, Keio Flying Squadron, it sounds like a damn good system. But at the time it was a system bombarded with shit FMV games that really pushed the good games out of the market. Whenever I see Mark Wahlberg’s abs in a movie I have horrendous flashbacks to his “Make My Video” game on the SEGA CD and all the others that followed in its wake.

    I can appreciate the system now for the good games it brought and in a technical sense for the way it introduced CD-level quality (soundtracks today probably don’t push the limits of music the way games on the CD did) and sprite scaling. But Corpse Killer’s pixelly brown videos still haunt my dreams.

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