Shinobi for the 3DS was pitched using Assassin’s Creed engine

Griptonite Games, the Washington based developer of the new Shinobi game for the 3DS, developed, among other things, Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines for the PSP. Turns out that played a major role, since they have approached Sega with a pitch for a new Shinobi game using that very same Engine:

There’s a group of guys there who were very excited about Shinobi as a franchise, they had worked on Assassin’s Creed [Bloodlines] for PSP and Web of Shadows, which had a great combat system, and things like that, and we started to talk about bringing back Shinobi but in a classical sense, If we were to put together a spiritual successor to the old classic Shinobi games, what would that be like? They put together this nice sort of pitch video of Assassin’s Creed, but with a ninja, So, using some of the build for Assassin’s Creed, but dropping a ninja in there and sort of the platforming and action sequences of that. We saw that and, it’s like, that’s great because it’s modernizing the gameplay to today’s expectations, but also still capturing the essence of what was magical and classical about the old Shinobi games.

Siliconera will be bringing even more informations about the game soon, so keep an eye open for that!

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. i just started playing assassins creed brotherhood and love it. also the shinobi guy reminds me of ezio auditorie

  2. What an interview! The interviewer is obviously very skilled and sexy!

  3. Cool, knice kwork Knigge! Interesting bit of info, to say the least. Not sure it really even matters much to me any more if it’s SEGA developing a game internally or not because at this point outside parties are probably better suited to handle the workload. As long as SEGA protects the integrity of their IP, and they seem to be more keen on doing so after crap like Golden Axe: Beast Rider and Sonic 2006, then it’s all good.

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