20 years of Sonic condensed into one video

Sega has put up this little retrospective video, showing gameplay from all the major Sonic games including the upcoming Sonic Generations. It’s fun to watch, so I suggest you check it out right after the jump!

  • Stooball

    Nice look back (and not so nice) at the history of Sonic the Hedgehog. I also had fun watching the first suggestion video after it was over, Sega Sonic Anniversary Rap lol

  • ninjajosh

    no sonic R? what nonsense!

    jk, this was pretty cool!

  • I noticed a lot of the levels they showed in that video have been confirmed for Sonic Generations. I’m hoping this means the levels they continued to show may make an appearance in Sonic Generations. Sadly, Marble Garden was not one of them, but I’m pumped Sky Sanctuary was included. I’ll start crossing my fingers now that my assumption is correct.

  • *now, hoping that my assumption is correct.

    don’t wanna sound conceited on the internets!

  • grolt

    Heh, must have been tough for SEGA to have to put in Sonic 06. I thought it was a little weird they included the first storybook Wii game but not the Black Knight one. Would have liked to have seen SOMETHING on the Saturn, be it Sonic R or Sonic Jam, since it just seems weird that they skip an entire console generation when Sonic still was a presence in 32-bit.

    Excited for the new game, though, should really be a great trip.

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