The Sega Addicts record episode 61 tonight!

We record our 61st episode tomorrow! Along with the usual Sega news we’ll be discussing the great Sega published, Treasure developed, GBA game, Astro Boy!

We’ll also be answering your listener questions so please leave them in the comments below.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. Tom no like Astro Boy? 🙁

  2. Do you think the game could have been better without a license and instead with original Treasure properties?

    It can get pretty frenzied with everything on screen in Astro Boy…what is it about Treasure games that allows them to deal with so much action happening on screen at once without it seeming overwhelming?

    What do you guys think about the graphics? It almost seems to me like the GBA is not a limitation and instead a system that plays more on Treasure’s use of simple, expressive animations. It wouldn’t really look out or place beside Guardian Heroes on the Saturn.

    What other childhood TV animated favorite would you want to see Treasure attempt next: Captain Planet or He-Man…and what would that game be like?

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