Pre-Order the Jet Set Radio Soundtrack for your Sweet Soul Brother

Announced on Sega’s Instagram account today, the Jet Set Radio Original Soundtrack is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The soundtrack includes a total of 17 tracks, with a few from Jet Set Radio Future added to the mix. At first you may be disappointed not to see any Rob Zombie on the listing, but after playing through this game as much as I have lately I can safely say that Dragula was not the reason I enjoyed taggin’ some turf. I know I don’t plan to “Let Mom Sleep” while blasting this in my car to let everyone know they should be “Humming the Bassline” until they understand the “Concept of Love.” I can’t help myself, but I think “That’s Enough” of the puns for now. What do you think?

[Source: Instagram]

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  1. So glad it doesn’t have “bout the city” on it- that song is a glaring blemish on an otherwise perfect soundtrack. Well that and maybe that one part in “SUPER BROTHER” can get annoying- You KNOW what part I’m talking about! XD

  2. Is it worthwhile if you have both original soundtracks?

  3. thank god this showed up again. I posted about its preorder a couple weeks back, but then it disappeared off of iTunes and Amazon out of nowhere. Glad to see it was just announced too early.

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