Yakuza 5 has a much more in-depth hostess system

By now you have heard just how much bigger Yakuza 5 will be in most areas. Well, you can now add the hostess section to that list. In the cabaret clubs, where you can talk with the hostesses working, most lines of dialogue will now be voiced, and even with regional dialect. According to Siliconera, when you a meet a girl she will give you her business card to which you can reply with many options of dialogue from the free action system. Also, topics of conversation are determined by what gossip you have heard while playing the game. The conversations can even escalate to actual dates, which may include going to dinner or just walking around town. These dates may even effect each characters’ storyline. Pretty intense stuff. You may now be able to check off “dating-sim” as another concept included in Yakuza 5.

[Source: Siliconera]