These homemade Toejam & Earl dolls must have inspired the funkiest knitting sessions ever

Someone told me the other day that the art of knitting has become quite the flourishing trend over the past couple of years.  I scoffed at my hipster friend, but the more I see of awesome projects like these, the more I’m willing to eat my myopic words. Toejam & Earl have been Wieners, Peanuts, Poindexters, and Dudes, but as you can see in these videos, they’re now knitted dolls as well!

YouTuber GoldenJellyBean created the impressively detailed, hand-crafted knitted dolls of Toejam & Earl you see in the video above. It’s obvious that she put an incredible amount of work into these lovable bundles of funk, and she really ought to be commended for the beautiful results. The cute little sneakers alone had me cooing at my monitor like an idiot.

Head over to GoldenJellyBean’s channel Yarn for the Win to see other knitted creations, including Portal‘s Companion Cube and Little Big Planet‘s Sackboy. She even offers patterns and instruction for creating these awesome characters and icons for your very own collection. I may be a narrow minded ass when it comes to knitting, but I’d totally eat my words if it meant I could have one of these.

Hit the jump to see a video for Toejam.

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  1. Interest in handicrafts has in general has sky rocketed over the last few years in the UK and at least in the Northern European countries. Video game inspired handicrafts has almost become it’s own sub0genre if you can call it that. A little time on your favourite search engine will reveal a whole load of really great pieces, both Sega related and not.

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