Roll up and get ready for Sega Amusements' Milk Jug Toss

Sega Amusements, the arm of the company producing arcade machines like Dream Raiders  prizes such as the Sega Tokio Tablet 2.0, and other coin-operated entertainment has released a video showcasing the simple yet allegedly popular Milk Jug Toss ‘skill redemption game’. The machine is manufactured by ICE and distributed by Sega.

According to the video Milk Jug Toss, a ‘global sensation’ guaranteed to offer ‘constant and consistence revenue’ and has proven to earn three times as much as other ‘alley based games’.

While I cannot personally admit to playing arcade games of this type I can certainly see their appeal, and their apparently low level of maintenance are likely to make them a hit with arcade owners, just as the video above suggests.

Maybe not the most exciting Sega game around, but Milk Jug Toss shows that Sega still know how to make some dosh in the world of arcades. Good stuff.

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