Play the first fifteen minutes of Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade for free

Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade is Sega’s latest offering to the wonderful world of Japanese exclusive arcade games. It features the touchscreen controls of Puyo Puyo Narabe mixed with classic Puyo Puyo puzzle action and a peculiar RPG twist. Even more strange however is Sega’s chosen payment plan where players are able to play for approximately fifteen minute sfree of charge before having to part with their cash.

During gameplay a bar representing play time will decrease, requiring players to periodically pay to top it back up again. It seems that Sega are trying out several different payment schemes for many of their games, including Sonic Dash which recently  became free to download.

Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade will be trialled in three Sega arcades until April 7th of this year.

[Source: 47news via Gigazine, and Arcade Belgium]

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