New quests for expert PSO2 players


If you’re currently playing on the Japanese servers of Phantasy Star Online 2 and have acquired at least level 50, you’re in luck! A new update features VR missions created specifically for the more advanced of ARKS soldiers. The enemies will be level 60 and over, including bosses exclusive to these quests. Extreme Passes will be issued every 22 hours, which are required to enter.

Also new to the update will be an on-going event that started May 15th and will continue until June 25th. The event, titled “With Rain and Wind”, will contain a quest where you can fight unique enemies and grab some cool items and weapons.

[Source:  Siliconera]

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  1. I haven’t played PSO2, but those creatures in the screenshot look too cute.

    • It’s really great, I love it. I’d love to play a US version so I could actually understand the story though.

      Also, I think they’re running out of ideas for rappy variants. Frog rappies…

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