Looks like Australia is getting 3D Altered Beast and 3D Sonic the Hedgehog


You can never have enough Sonic the Hedgehog, as we have all agreed. But one thing the world has not seen enough of is Altered Beast. Well, according to the Australian Classification Board, some of us may be seeing 3D versions of both those titles on the 3DS pretty soon. Ratings for the both of the games have been posted on said rating board. What I find somewhat interesting is that Altered Beast has an, “M” rating, which in America is equivilant to a, “Teen,” rating I believe. This game was accesible in public arcades in the 90’s and now it’s considered a teen-rated game. Times have indeed changed. Jokes aside, Altered Beast is definitely a good game to play on the go. What other classics do you want to see turned into 3D on your 3DS?

[Source: SiliconEra]

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  1. Yah, we’re talking about Australia though. They have an incredibly strict content rating system. Less violent games are released there than Germany I believe. So their high rating doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

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