Sega LEGOs should be a real thing and this fan shows us why

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I’ve always been amazed by LEGO art, which I assume is the correct term for this, because I could barely ever put the LEGO sets together while using the instruction booklets. Baron Von Brunk has taken it a step further, and created not only a Sega-themed LEGO set, but made a Sega-theme LEGO Transformer! This “Segacon” is named Gearhead. Mimicking the classic Decepticon, Soundwave, the Transformer changes from a menacing robot into Sega’s lovable handheld: the GameGear. Hit the jump to see his minions, KnucklePunch and SuperSonic.


The Segacon Gearhead, and his minions: Knuckpunch and Supersonic


While undercover, they only need 2 specialized batteries instead of the usual 6

gg bot supersonic1

Supersonic in robot form

The detail to these is rather impressive

The detail to these is rather impressive

Overall, this is a pretty impressive creation. Brunk has done many other video game-related LEGO creations on his tumblr. You can check out all of the pictuers of Gearhead here. What do you guys think of this creation?

[Source: Technabob]

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