May 2010


Sonic Colours coming to Wii and DS

Sega has announced that the Wii and DS will be getting a new exclusive Sonic game by the end of 2010. Named “Sonic Colours” the story involves Dr. Robotnik imprisoning an alien race known as “wisps”. The game will have Sonic facing “obstacles along an inspired sci-fi themed amusement park”…


Rare edible Seaman gummies on eBay

Those fellas over at have spotted a delicious looking Sega promotional item on eBay. Right now, the bid is at $4.99 plus $3 shipping. What a steal for 10 year old candy! Plus, it comes with an inflatable Space Channel 5 character. The seller does say not to eat…


Yakuza 3 sales keep the hope alive

An assistant community manager for Sega has recently revealed that the initial sales of Yakuza 3 in the West have been good so far. She mentioned in a recent forum post: As was mentioned a couple times above, SEGA doesn’t generally release any specific numbers in terms of game sales….