Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 15 – E3

Sega Addicts Episode 15 is here. It’s about E3, Eternal Champions, and other neat things. Jim wasn’t able to record with us this week, but he did record some SEGA E3 thoughts for the podcast that you’ll hear at the beginning of the episode. In his place we have Tom’s brother, Mike, on again since last week’s episode was destroyed and no one would ever get to hear his beautiful voice if we didn’t let him on another episode.

Oh, and we’ve delayed the controller contest for another week. At the time of judgment we only had 9 entries and since we’re giving away 5 prizes we’d like to have a little more to choose from. We are liking what we see from everyone so thanks to all who have entered so far!

Anyway, I feel this is probably the best E3 episode we’ve ever done and we’re all mighty proud of it. Enjoy!

The outline:

00:00:00 – Jim’s SEGA E3 Thoughts

00:04:46 – What you been eating and playing, fellas?

00:29:06 – Sonic Gems: Eternal Champions

00:54:59 – Main Topic: E3

01:44:11 – Listener Questions

02:06:10 – The real end of the podcast

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  1. Haven’t finished listening to the episode, but something I wanna mention: The PS3 DOES, in fact, have custom soundtracks, so if you wanna throw on some Offspring during Crazy Taxi, you can!

  2. The custom soundtracks depend upon the individual game, so if you wanna throw on some Offspring during Crazy Taxi, you might be able to, but it’s not 100%.

  3. Heh, yeah, thanks for clearing that up! I’d say that they’d make it happen though. Most of my Sega games on the PS3 have been custom soundtrack compatible. (Sonic Unleashed with Dethklok is INSANE.)

    Anyways, another brilliant episode. With each episode, you guys keep getting better. Looking forward to 16 after the final E3 fallout!

  4. That’s awesome, I never knew that! I’ve only ever played MvC2 with custom soundtracks.

  5. Yeah, of my Sega PS3 collection, all but two (ASR and Sonic ’06… Phew, talk about completely different ends of the spectrum) allow for custom soundtrack use. So yeah, why not throw it in there for Crazy Taxi and SA1?

  6. Greetings, fellow addicts.

    My name is Carlos, I’m 25, from Lisbon/Portugal (so you officialy know you are international V.I.Ps: Very Irritating Persons).

    I have discovered you in the last few weeks and devoured your podcasts one after the other, like any good fan of Sega should.

    Let me tell you, you rock; this is my favourite podcast, by a long shot. Yes, because it’s Sega related but also because you conduct it in the best of manners, have no doubt of that.

    I am addicted to Sega Addicts.

    Anyway, two quick things:

    1. Don’t be so pessimistic in relation to the continuation and conclusion of Shenmue. Yes, it will always seem unlikely (until it’s done) but even Sega said recently to Famitsu that they keep thinking of it. It will come, even if it takes a hell of a lot of time.

    2. I am STRONGLY against these fads of motion control and 3D gaming. Still, if we have to deal with them, better to see more interesting games than downright awfull ones, no?. Dancing games seem a semi-fashion just now, how cool it would be for you guys to see a Kinect enhanced Space Channel 5, where instead of pushing buttons in the right rythm you would have to copy Ulala’s moves by shaking your booty?

    C’mon, confess, like me you would play it, even if with three locks in the door to your bedroom.

    Motion control games (and ‘casual’ games) are crap first and foremost because they have no soul, not because they have limited gameplay.

    Keep doing a great job.

    See you (hear you!) soon.


  7. Thanks for the kind words, Raven. I still have a tiny glimmer of hope left that a Shenmue 3 could someday be a reality. It does seem more and more unlikely as the years go by, though.

    As for motion control, I’d definitely be more interested if the games were actually good. Child of Eden looks great but unfortunately that’s the only game so far.

  8. Maybe QTEs will be replaced with timed motion controls

  9. WHAT?! Half of the Sega Addicts cast didn’t know what Gurren Lagann was? Blasphemy!

    Also: no mention of Neptune coming out in America? BLASPHEMY!

    …my weeaboo is showing.

  10. Electrium: the Neptune news wasn’t public when we recorded! I’ll definitely be talking about it next episode though!

    Raven: Sorry, some of what I saw at E3 left me in a cynical mood. Much like the faith I have in an eventual Darkstalkers 4, I think that we’ll get a Shenmue conclusion one way or another. Hopefuly.

    And as frustrated as I am by the current motion control fad, I’m definitely willing to be proven wrong by good games. I haven’t seen any yet, but when I see a game for Kinect or Move that blows me away, I’ll definitely be willing to play with one of them.

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