This Dreamcast controller is made out of soap. What?

Why not? That’s right you can now own a one of a kind, apple scented Dreamcast controller, made out of soap.

So if you’ve had enough of ‘real’ controllers and fancy a good wash, than this is your dream come true! I honestly don’t know what to say. Why would you make this? What’s the point of making a replica you can’t even eat? Oh, well. This is probably one of those mystery’s best left un-solved.

So yeah if you’re crazy and have $20 plus shipping, then go ahead and buy it. It will finally give you an excuse to rub a Dreamcast controller, all over your body. As I said before, “why not?” Go for it, champ. Enjoy the apple scented goodness.

[Source: UK Resistance]

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  1. I don’t NEED a reason to rub a Dreamcast controller all over myself

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