Sega Addicts Episode 21 records tonight!

Tonight will be the recording of Episode 21. 21 is not a prime number because you can divide it by 7 and 3. That is why I didn’t say “Sega Addicts Episode 21, which is a prime number, records tonight!” in the title above. That would make me look so stupid.

Anyway, tonight’s episode involves some Sega news, Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast, and a main topic of bad games. Yes, there are actually some bad games found on the various Sega consoles. It’s just a fact of life. If you’ve got any questions regarding any of the topics or just random questions in general for us leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Which Sega console had the most unbalanced crap-to-good game ratio?

    What game do you adore that everyone else despises? Do you play it in your closet to hide the shame?

    Has there ever been a terrible Sega game that you forced yourself to love because of hype or brand loyalty?

  2. Man, I won’t be able to listen to this for days because the battery in my goddamn macbook died today

  3. Favorite boat and favorite track on Hydro Thunder?

  4. Would a sonic game with more then 3 sonic friends be consider a bad game?

    What games did you think was bad but when played again wasn’t as bad as you though?

    Did you break anything because the game was so bad?

  5. Which bad games do you think could be made into good games if only one thing about them were changed?

  6. Any cat based games that are bad? I’ve been on a cat kick this week.

  7. Have you played any of the god damned shit on the Sega CD or 32X?

    What was the worst game on them?

  8. BLUE STINGER…now there’s a bad game

    One hit and your character acted like they were running through molasses until you healed

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