Sega gives us yet another way to play old Mega Drive games

Because we all need another way to play Golden Axe! That´s right if you feel that you can´t look anywhere without seeing an old school Sega compilation then you´re obviously wrong as Sega thinks it can crack out at least 4 more volumes!

That´s right coming in September you can own a bunch of old Mega Drive games on disc for your PC! Games included will be of course Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin and what Sega calls ‘the cult classic’ Sonic the Hedgehog. Really? Cult classic? If Sonic is a cult classic then I guess movies like Star Wars or Transformers are obscure art house indie movies. Or good.

So buy the Sega Classics Collection Volume 1, and you can add it to your collection of Sega compilations and cry over your lost innocence this September!

[Source: Sega]

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  1. SEGA sure does love it’s Gen/MD collections.

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