Sonic SatAM writer, Ben Hurst, dies from possible diabetes complications

Ben Hurst, the writer for both the popular Sonic SatAM and Sonic Underground cartoons, died a couple of weeks ago. It is believed his death was caused by diabetes as he fainted, went into a coma, and later died in his sleep.

He was believed to be in his mid-50’s and its sad to see someone pass away so early. I’m sure his passion for the Sonic SatAM animated series will not be forgotten. Even after the show was long over he continued to do interviews and discuss the show with many fansites, like and

[Source: SonicSatAM]

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  1. Yeah it’s not easy working with diabetes. I, myself, have it and have to keep my sugar level intact and what not. But you know you just gotta keep on fighting the fight because it’ll only get worse if you let it.

  2. Aww jeez…That really sucks.

  3. It’s sad really but at least he didn’t go in excruciating pain. He helped make a lot of childhood memories.

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