Sega to port arcade fighters via 'Model2 Collection'

Sega have really pushing out these collections recently huh?

Well if you haven’t had enough of Sega’s various ports then get ready for The Model2 Collection, an arcade fighting game port series which features such classics as Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 2 and… Sonic the Fighters… for some reason.

Each game will have online play and are due for release this fall for XBLA and PSN. They’ve also added some extra stuff to all three games including playable boss characters for Sonic the Fighters, a spectator mode for Virtua Fighter 2 (with the ability to change which versions of the game you want), and a previously secret character for Fighting Vipers playable from the very beginning. It’s also been announced that Cyber Troopers Virtual On and Virtua Striker are soon to follow, but not included with the initial games under the Model2 banner.

I personally love this idea. We need more arcade ports in my opinion and this is a great way to show off previously difficult to find games. But still… Sonic the Fighters? Really? Really?

[Source: Siliconera]

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